April 12, 2024

Yaana Mutta Lyrics – Mangai | English Translation

Yaana Mutta Lyrics

Yaana Mutta Lyrics From Mangai. Yaana Mutta Song Is Latest Tamil Song Sung By Shakshi Harendran, Anandhi. Yaana Mutta Lyrics Is Written By Vivek. The Starring Of The Song Are Kayal Anandhi, Dushy, Adhitya kathir, Shivin, Rams, Kavitha Bharathi. The Music In Given By Theeson.

Song : Yaana Mutta
Singer : Shakshi Harendran, Anandhi
Lyrics : Vivek
Music : Theeson
Movie/Album : Mangai
Starring : Kayal Anandhi, Dushy, Adhitya kathir, Shivin, Rams, Kavitha Bharathi
Label : Saregama India

Yaana Muttai Lyrics

Yaana Mutta Kaambula
Nava Pazham Karuvula
Naththa Kutti Kaaththula
Aama Kunju Maraththula

Elephant On The Rope
The New Fruit Is In The Womb
Wait Little Snail
Yes, The Chick Is In The Tree

Thangam Alaiyila
Singam Valaiyila
Seeni Malaiyila
Yeri Nikkaiyila

Golden Wave
In The Lion’s Net
On The Sugar Hill
On The Way Up

Meenu Karaiyila
Maanu Kadalula
Kaaththa Pudikkirom
Kanda Kanavula

Fish On Shore
Manu Is In The Ocean
We Are Waiting
Not A Dream

Unna Killi Yenna Killi
Ooda Thanni Ooduthe
Santhosama Santhosama
Ootha Kili Paaduthe

Unna Gilli Yenna Gilli
It’s Water
Happy Happy
The Parrot Sings

Mothira Veralil Mothura Kannukku
Thadayam Ethuvum Kaanaliye
Mangala Kayiththa Maattatha Kazhuththu
Urava Innum Seraliye

For The Ring Eye In The Ring Vein
No Trace Was Found
An Auspicious Level Neck
The Relationship Is Still The Same Today

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Yaana Muttai Song FAQ

Who Wrote The Lyrics Of The Song “Yaana Mutta”?

Who Has Sung The Song “Yaana Mutta”?
Shakshi Harendran, Anandhi

“Yaana Mutta” Song Is From Which Movie/Album?
Mangai (Tamil Movie)

Who Has Given The Music Of The Song “Yaana Mutta”?

Which Actors Are In The Song “Yaana Mutta”?
Kayal Anandhi, Dushy, Adhitya kathir, Shivin, Rams, Kavitha Bharathi

What Is The Approx Time Duration Of The Video Song “Yaana Mutta”?
3 Minutes 50 Socond

Write The Language Of The Song “Yaana Mutta”.