April 12, 2024

Didaar Kaka Lyrics Meaning In English

Didaar Kaka Lyrics Meaning In English

Didaar Kaka Lyrics Meaning In English Are Written By Kaka. This Punjabi Song Sung By Kaka. Music Is Given By Arrowsoundz. The Starring Of This Song Are Kaka And Linavavill.

Song : Didaar
Album : Didaar
Singer, Lyrics : Kaka
Music : Arrowsoundz

Didaar Kaka Lyrics Meaning In English

Ik Tera Parda Bada Tang Karda
Husan Bedarda Main Ae Ni Par Darda

Your That One Veil Annoys Me I Feel,
That Beauty Of Yours Is Afraid No More

Mera Ni Sarda Tere Didaar Bina
Tere Deedar Bina

I Can’t See You Without Seeing You
Without Your Sight

Teriyan Raavan Vich Main Aavan
Soh Na Pawan Khwaab Sajawan

I Will Stay With You
Not Able To Sleep Build My Dreams

Apne Mann Nu Nitt Samjhawan
Jee Lai Pyar Bina
Jee Lai Pyar Bina

Don’t Explain Your Thoughts
Without Love
Without Love

Raula Ni Hunn Da
Dil Ni Meri Sunn Da
Tainu Hi Chunn Da
Saazishan Buun Da

The Chaos Is Not New
Heart Doesn’t Listen To My View
It Always Chose You
Build Tactics All New

Khoon Mera Punn Da
Kise Auzaar Bina
Auzaar Bina

Boils Blood Like Cruel
Without Any Tool
Without Tool

La De Ik Passe Dikha De Hasse
Bharde Kasse De Dilaase

The Matter Like Master
And Show Me Some Laughter
Fill Some Wounds

Bade Pyase Tere Ikraar Bina
Tere Ikraar Bina

Very Thirsty Without Your Consent
Without Your Consent

Kare Ikraar Taan Mile Karaar
Mile Ik Vaar Kare Aitbaar

Make An Agreement And Get An Agreement
Get One Shot Trust Me

Fakkar Fankaar Hai Bure Vichar Bina
Bure Vichar Bina

Bad Thoughts Without
Bad Thoughts

Tu Soch Vichar Nu Goli Maar
Te Ho Taiyar Aaja Mere Yaar

Don’t Shoot Thinking
You Are Ready Come My Friend

Te Garde Parde Nu Pare Utaar
Ki Jeena Khumaar Bina
Ki Jeena Khumaar Bina

Take Off Your Kidneys
To Live Without A Hangover
To Live Without A Hangover